A fusion of African and Western styles

in fashion and home decor items..

Trendy social impact!

Our Products

Leather Design



Our Vision

African-Western styles to the world!
WearLikeALokal will become a major ambassador for locally sourced fashion and home decor items: all products are handmade by African vendors in Cape Town. Our social enterprise will positively impact their small businesses as well as allow customers to enjoy accessing unique offerings.


Our Mission

We are making our local & international knowledge and experiences, paired with our passion for social entrepreneurship, the core of this start-up.

Meet Victoria & Liness from Malawi, Marceline from Cameroon, Ibrahim from Senegal… and many more!


Meet Ibrahim

This is my passion and what I love to do!
Growing up in Senegal and then moving to South Africa to start my own tailoring business…

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